KCH and KCFL Cylinders
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KYB manufactures cylinders for many Industries, including Construction and Material Handling. KYB is a the largest supplier of High Pressure, High Performance Cylinders for Earthmoving Equipment in the world. Through their continually evolving design and technical innovations, KYB has been able to supply Equipment Manufacturers with High Quality Cylinders that are the most reliable in the marketplace. KYB boasts the largest production of cylinders in Japan, and are top-ranked in the world for welded-type cylinders.


  • Working with the OEM during development and testing enables KYB to design the optimum cylinders for each working environment.
  • In addition to research and development of seals, barrels, rods, and plating techniques which are key factors for cylinders, we have established our own techniques for heat treatment, barrel production, welding and plating to ensure High Quality and High Reliability.
  • Contamination Controls enhance reliability of the equipment and the system
  • Specific valves for each cylinder are offered for safety.

Download the KCH (Excavator) Catalog

Download the KCFL (Forklift) Catalog